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Essential Denver

Perfect for locals, newcomers and tourists to learn about the city and plan outings.

essential denver


Written by a Denver native to be different from the usual guidebook. The author shares her unique view of her hometown to inspire exploration and appreciation of Denver’s treasures. If you are looking for fun facts, great lists, and plenty of ideas to plan your next outing, this book is for you.¬†

Learn about

  • Art, Culture and Entertainment
  • Parks, Recreation and Sports
  • Government and Education
  • Eating and Drinking Establishments
  • Famous People
  • Landmark Buildings and Neighborhoods
  • History You Can Remember
  • And Much More!

"Comprehensive and inclusive. Now I have a list of what to see and do in Denver!"

Kristy S.

"This is a great overview of Denver. I plan on leaving it for guests when I rent my home on Airbnb."

David K.


about the author

Lisa J. Shultz is an award-winning author, who specializes in writing non-fiction, self-help and inspirational books and blogs.

essential denver